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  Souzhou Industrial Zoon Cross-river-pipeline of Leting Bridge
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  Souzhou Waikuatang Heat & Power Plant:canal-Tributary of Jinji Lake
Address No.8 Jingxi(N) Road,
Yicheng Street,YiXing,
Phone 0086-510-87029901
Fax 0086-510-87029900
URL www.jsdlgs.com.cn
Postcode 214200


                                                       Brief  Introduction Of The Company
   Jiangsu Dilong Piping Co., Ltd. Is a member of the Township Thermal Supply Construction Committee Of China, the Shanghai Energy Research Institution, the Motor Construction Of Thermal Insulation Technical Committee 
   Technology Of China, Energy Research Of Zhejiang Province; We have  certified international quality assurance of API.
   We have a manufacturing safety permit:
1. B grade permit for pressure pipe manufacturing
2. manufacturing scope for pressure tube: A2 Grade qualification;
Implementation criterion: GB9711.1-1997
Grade of the steel: L175-L450
3. Manufacturing scope of the pressure pipe
Implementation criterion:SY/t5057-2000
Wall thickness:5.0-25.0mm
   The fixed assets of the company are 80million RMB; there are more than 200 employees in our company, covering an area of 30 acres.


   We have our own loading dock with a 500T capacity, and 22 cranes 3-35 tons.
   We have three spiral pipe welding facilities, and two sets of underground thermal insulation pipe manufacturing facilities.
   We have more than fifty technical personnel, among which, eight are senior technical personnel who have won six national invention patents, and ten new state of the art patents. The yearly production capacity is above five hundred million RMB. We are the largest production facility for specialized underground heating pipe, with the longest manufacturing history in East China.
   With the rapid growth of the Chinese economy and industrial development, especially in the Yangtze River Delta area, our company’s yearly production has been growing at a rapid pace; The sales of our products have expanded from the East China region to all of China. In order to achieve maximum energy savings, we have solved the pipe distortion problem by joining in research and development with “Tianjin University” and “Southeast University”, developing of a temperature tracking detection system using the “vacuum thermos technology”. Meanwhile, we are jointly involved in R&D with “Nanjing University Of Aeronautics and Astronautics”, in the technological development of surface treatment on metal infiltration double glow plasma and large diameter stainless steel spiral welded pipes. The secnet of our success:
   Advanced technology and prioritizing product development
   1.Diameter  90-   1400(-20  - 120   )High density production and installation of polyethylene, polyurethane heat conserving underground pipe.
   2.Diameter  32-   1020(150  - 350   )We are the first manufacturer in China to be producing and installing insulated underground steel piping and coupling.
   3.We are the first domestic user for the newest imported anti-corrosion polyureathane elastomer coating technology.
   4. All large diameter stainless steel pipes are spiral welded.
   5. Double spiral-submerged arc welded pipes are available in diameters of 219-  920 ;  720- 3000; steel grade 80; large diameter spiral type pipes, low and middle pressure, fluid pipes, and pile pipes are 2.2m width.
   We use the most advanced manufacturing equipment and are constantly improving production methods
   1、High density polyethylene pipes: SJ-90b, SJ-10B. High pressure injection molding equipment H-220 kg/minute. 31Mpa Injection molding equipment. HP6012 fully automatic derusting equipment. Automatic arc welding and X-ray fission detector. H-20/35, H18/18 automatic folding Sima Polyurea Spray equipment.
   2、QLH-1 Type 1000,type 1200,type 1500 Lincoln automatic submerged arc welding machine.
   3、Highly efficient heat conserving material and exacting production process, highly anticorrosive and water proof polyurea elastomer coating technology.
   4、Superior production processes, with the highest quality control and testing.
   5、Annual production capacity of 120KM underground water pipes, and 50KM underground steam pipes.
   6、Our 500 ton terminal can load 80m long spiral welded pipes.
   7、We have a thirty thousand Ton 219- 3000 stainless steel spiral welded pipe manufacturing capacity.
   We use state of the art technology and the most modern management methods.
   Jiangsu Dilong Pipe is always in close cooperation with domestic senior project institutes , technical colleges , universities. This enterprise also has an engineering and technical team of highly trained and responsible specialists, working in project design, research and development, manufacturing , and  after sales service.
   Our company appreciates the great abilities of everyone on our staff. As the Chinese saying goes  ‘ By combining the talent of people from all over the world, we can make great accomplishments that will last a hundred years” We encourage our employees, and give them ample space  for self development and improvement. The most modern management system and motivation is the driving force behind the company’s great success. We always do our best to increase the product’s desirability and get maximum customer satisfaction.
   The general manager has made the most advanced management and manufacturing techniques a key to our success.
   In 2006, with the introduction of an automatic NC slitting and straightening equipment production line(4-16mmx2.2m), we met the need of the market in Yixing.
   In 2007, we passed the international API quality authentication, successfully completing a double glow plasma surface technical treatment project in metallurgical test work. To fulfill our vision, we sincerely hope that all experts in both domestic and foreign companies, joint enterprises , and institutions make a joint effort to develop and enlarge all enterprises. We wish everyone a bright future.
   Our company philosophy
   Company philosophy: Be a pioneer in the field, and constantly innovative, Produce the highest quality. Keep credibility and be outstanding, Have reasonable prices and the best consistent service consistantly.

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