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  MGB HDPE low temperature pipe
  MGB steam insulation buried pipe
  MGY Prefabricatde directly buride insulating pipe
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1、application range:
      It can be used in delivering material which is below 120℃,the pressure is less than 1.6Mpa. it can be longitude buried  in -30℃-120℃ or upgraded in the room.

2、product structure
      Heat preservation pipe was manufactured by steel pipe, anti-corrosion cyanogens agent, rigid foam material and the HDPE jacket.

3、technical requirements
      3.1 steel pipe
      The material we used for steel pipe is the seamless steel pipe(GB8163) or spiral seam submerged welded pipe GB(S5Y5037).it can also comply with the standard GB9711.1 or users’ needs with other materials, such as stainless steel pipes, copper pipes and plasma surface stainless steel pipes. 

      3.2 external sleeve
      The material of external sleeve is HDPE plastics. The properties are:

 density  940~965kg/m3
 tension strength  ≥20Mpa
 elongation at breakage  ≥350%
 F50 stress of environmental resistance  ≥200h
 ratio of longitudinal resilience  ≤3%

      3.3 anti-corrosion insulation material
        We use cyanogens agent as the anti-corrosion material at the bottom layer, polyurethane rigid foam plastics as the insulation. the properties of cyanogens agent are:

 antifriction load force, abrasion loss per 1000 r  ≤0.04
 (-NCO)% isocyaic content  8-14
 Mpa  waterproof  ≥0.4
 Mpa cohesive strengthen  ≥2

      Polyurethane rigid foam plastics as the insulation, its properties are:

 density  60-80kg/m3
 pressure resistance  ≤200Kpa
 conductivity  ≤0.027w/m.℃
 heat resistance  120℃

4、combined pipe
      The length of bare steel pipe is between 190 and 210.

5、operation methods
       Processing with supply material, we can do processing against buyer’s up-to-standard pipes, it is simple to deal with the contraction or make a telephone order. We can supply the products timely.

    On-site installation, we can supply a directed construction of all kinds of insulation pipes with different diameters.

    We can supply the productions without labels according to the buyers’ special requirements

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