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      1.application range
       delivering hot media
       P≤1.6Mpa working pressure
       T≤310℃ working temperature
       underground soil environment

      two. product structure
      Heat preservation pipe consists of core pipe, jacket (steel casing pipe), anti-corrosion layer and roller guiding pipe bracket. Tested by related inspection center, it can be used for 30 years.

      1.core pipe(steel pipe),2 . aluminum silicate heat preservation shell with XN-3 hydrophobic group(hydrophobic compound silicate or calcium silicate without asbestos heat preservation shell)  3. roller guiding pipe jacket  4.  Lashing pipe  5. Jacket (steel pipe)  6. Anti-corrosion layer

      three. technical requirement of materials
      Seamless steel pipes conformed to the standard GB81663-87. We usually choose the pipes with DN 400 or above. This pipe can be instead of welded pipe conformed to GB/T9711. 1-1997 or CJ/T3022 or spiral seam welded pipe conformed to both standard of SY/T5037-92 and hydraulic pressure examination through negotiation by both parties or depends on supply position.  Of course, it can be manufactured according to the buyers’ needs.
      We produce Steel spiral seam submerged arc welded pipes conformed to GB/T9711.1 or CJ/T3022 or longitude seam resistive welded pipe conformed to SY5292 their anti-corrosion grade are A & B and can passed examination with hydraulic pressure 0.6Mpa with 100%
      3.3 heat preservation layer
      3.3.1 We choose the glass cotton or aluminum silicate produced by shanghai Ou WenSi as insulation materials.

      4.the requirement of heat preservation pipe for
pipeline designing

      Designing enterprise  must take actions below to make sure the heat preservation pipes are safe and economic during use.  
      4.1  When combined two pipes, the core pipe must be carried out strictly in accordance with GB50235—97《construction and test norms of industrial metal pipes》The welded seams are Checked by X-ray, do intensity and density experiments in jacket to attain a high intensity & sealing property, waterproof pipe
      4.2 As long as the jacket is up to standard through welding intensity test, the bare part must be taken anti-corrosion treatment as same as basic material. Now people usually take protective measures with sacrificing positive pole to prolong the service life to 30 years at home and abroad.
      4.3 Near the fixed bearing, hydrophobic device should be laid down to make sure the condensate water is discharged to the safe places or condensate water pipes.
      4.4 Set an air-permeable pipe in the jacket in a proper segment of pipe (usually the pipe between two fixed abutment can be considered as one segment) to duct the moist air away and it can also be used to sent out a signal when there is a fault. 
      4.5 We should use high-quality balance or axial bellow compensator and natural methods for thermal compensation, and put them in the jacket where they can move freely, there’s no need for conduit wall.
      4.6  We should set fixed bearing and provide the value of propelling force & its location to limit the compensator’s movement. The fixed bearing should use internal one designed by our own. (The number of patent: zL992396S8 .3).there is no call for reinforced concrete fixed support.

      5.specifications of straight pipes and fittings
      5.1calculating parameters of heat power in straight  pipes  
      designing pressure: P≤1.6Mpa
      designing temperature: 200℃,250℃,310℃
      年average temperature of annual hottest month:20
      coefficient of heat:2.32
      calculating surface temperature of heat    preservation layer:Ts≤65

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